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How can I join Hizoon?
You can join Hizoon from the beneficiary’s or the client’s website, who invited you to join. Click on new subscribe now button and the purchase form will popup showing you what to do to complete the registration process.

What is Hizoon’s Card and how to get it?
It’s a card with secret number, through which you can register to be a member. It’s available at Hizoon’s centers as well as the clients or beneficiaries in your area.

Are there any additional fees other than the Hizoon’s card?
May be, Shipping cost or sales taxes by government in certain countries

Can I use my credit cards to pay for Hizoon’s Card?
At the present we don’t accept credit cards.

How can I contact Hizoon?
You can do that by click Instant Support link on Hizoon’s home page or by sending an email by clicking Contact Us link on the page.

How Can I join if my city has no Hizoon center?
You can buy the Hizoon card for the beneficiary who invited you to join or by calling nearest Hizoon center.