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Domain Name is the name written by Internet users in the websites to browse information under this name. It is closely related to international number called IP. Due to difficulty of keeping IP, a system called DNS has been introduced. DNS connects IP with Domain Name starting with WWW which makes it easy for Internet users to access the web pages.

For the increasing demand on international Domain Names, an international establishment called the internet agency for specific names and numbers has been set up. It is a non – profitable establishment concerned with distributing the websites through accrediting the economic sub-entities which process the distribution and undertake the technical support for these names.

Out of the goal HIZOON seeks which is the spreading of technological awareness, HIZOON has joined the internet agency for specific names and numbers to back up every subscriber with his own Domain Name. This constitutes the initial step for every subscriber to communicate with the internet realm. Through the constant receiving of subscribers’ inquiries or requests and seeking to bridge the technological gab, HIZOON provides every subscriber with his own Domain Name. It also furnishes the subscribers with information helping them operate their websites and acquire real experience. Such an experience turns the subscribers from the superficial use of the internet into the professional use. This in turn leads to the sustaining of creativity necessary for operating the websites and then reaching the level of professionalism. This professionalism results from the increasing experience and proceeding with stable steps towards getting out the human abilities through communicating with a world preoccupied with the digital technological criteria. On the other hand, it provides the Internet professionals with services that enable them to develop their own websites through the subscribers’ continuous access to the other services provided.