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Questions about?

How can I subscribe in “HIZOON”?

Subscription in “HIZOON” is carried out via the website of the representative who has invited you. Go and click “subscribe now” button. Products to be purchased appear on a page where you can find instructions that have to be followed accurately so that the system may accept your registration.


What is “HIZOON” Identification Card? How can I get it?

Identification Card is a card that contains the password by which you can subscribe. You can get it at any “HIZOON” center or by a representative in your area.


Are there any other additional expenses than the card price?

There may be freight or/and government sales taxes in some countries.


Can credit cards be used to pay for “HIZOON” Identification Card or the purchased products?

At present credit cards are not accepted via internet.


How can I contact “HIZOON” for help?

You can do that by “Immediate Support” link available in the website main page or by e-mail to the website administration via “Contact Us” link which guides you to the e-mail addresses you may need.


How can a person from a city or a country where “HIZOON” centers are unavailable be one of its representatives?

You can buy Identification Card from the subscriber who has invited you to purchase the website products or by contacting the closest “HIZOON” centers that welcome subscribers all over the world.