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This Website mission

Scientific Center for digital applications provides high quality educational and recreational services on the internet to satisfy all beneficiaries of its services as follows:

1- Improving their technological education and entertaining them at the same time.

2- Providing also educational and recreational internet services void of sex, politics, violence and all what disgracefully affects any party.

3- In an age when internet starts to form the nerve of life, being online in an effective way for the biggest stratum of the public forms a major objective of the establishment.

4- We seek that each individual should develop his own website to be able to introduce himself to the other.

5- Conducting many courses in several fields relevant to digital realm in a way saving him the difficulty of going to attend such courses.


Web Mail

E-mail is considered a main service connected directly with the websites due to its role in the ongoing communication between the owners of these websites and the visitors. Its use is of no less importance than phones. Rather, it is much less expensive than the international calls.

E-mail is divided into two kinds used fairly in a continuous way. The use of each kind depends on which kind the user prefers of the mail service. To have an E-mail, websites are connected directly with Mail Server via which kinds of e-mail can be classified as follows:

Pop Mail

The use of this kind of e-mail depends on uploading and saving the incoming and outgoing mail on the user PC. This PC is furnished with information of e-mail address. This means accessing this mail and saving all messages on a certain PC on which Mail Account is set up. The continuous emptying of the definite mail area on the Mail server makes the Account always ready to receive new messages due to the availability of area to receive them on the Server. Outlook Express is often used and it is available on the versions of Windows. In most cases, companies use this kind of mail for disciplinary reasons.

This service enables the mail user to access his mail from any PC online. This means it will not be limited to his the user private PC as the case with Pop Mail. This kind of mail is distinguished by being handled easily and possessing mail account smoothly without following the steps of setting up like the first kind of mail. Mail is received and sent through any internet browser. Mail account can be controlled and divided. Messages can be also deleted and saved using direct orders and simple instructions. This mail account has a limited size of saving area on which new messages are received. Undesirable messages have to be deleted one by one so that there can be blank area to enable us to use the services of this kind of mail.